ECOL 600 – Community Ecology (Spring 2013)

Dr. Kurt Fausch
Email: Kurt.Fausch@ColoState.EDU
Fausch Webpage
Phone: 970-491-6457
Office: WAGAR 101
Office Hours: MW 12-1pm

MW 11-11:50am GLOVR 201

Section R01 – W 2-2:50pm NATRS 115
Section R02 – R 2-2:50pm ENGRG E202
Section R03 – M 2-2:50pm FRSTY 107

Course audience
ECOL600 is a graduate-level course intended for M.S. and Ph.D. students in the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology and many related disciplines across Colorado State University.

Course goal
Provide students the opportunity to learn and discuss classic and current theories and models in community ecology as they apply to animals and plants.

Course structure
Lectures each week present terminology and conceptual development of field observations and experiments that support theories, and current directions. Discussion sections provide students the opportunity to read classic and current papers on each topic and discuss their merits and findings. Emphasis for discussions will be on constructive critique and debate of the papers, and students' unique perspectives from different disciplines.